Oracle Logon Logoff functionality

The Oracle auditing functionality does not always give you everything you want, or as easily as you want it.
This is a script I created that produces a user logon/logoff tracking system in your Oracle database.

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Oracle lsnrctl start = Linux Error: 13: Permission denied, lsnrctl status = Linux Error: 111: Connection refused

Another really annoying problem. I checked all the “normal” things and they were fine. It was a problem with a hidden directory and Oracle doesn’t tell you what file, just the error.  Read the article to find the fix.

INS-30516 Please specify unique disk groups

When I hit this problem I did some searching and found the same solutions, but none with the trick that I needed. While they present how to solve the problem, the trick in my case was in how the problem was actually created.

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Oracle NOLOGGING and RMAN backups

If you properly use NOLOGGING operations and actually get minimal redo logging you have to be careful about your backups to make sure you don’t lose blocks to “logical corruption”. Oracle OraChk gave me the impression you could prevent it, but from my testing you can’t, you just have to plan around it. See here…

Can’t connect remotely to ASM as SYSASM remotely

If you can’t because of “insufficient privileges” you probably just need to enable remote access to SYSASM, see here…

Dealing with Oracle timestamp with timezone conversion

The Oracle scheduler stores dates as “timestamp with time zone”. This can cause some people to get confused when querying the data based on time. Here’s how you can help them.

Oracle RAC install reboot after Clusterware install

As a matter of course I’ve always stopped clusterware and rebooted each node after doing the clusterware install. I do this just to know that everything restarts properly before I move on with the rest of the installs. I was in a rush on a R&D system and I skipped that step. I ran into countless unusual issues that I’d never seen before from nodes not showing up in the node list for rdbms install, db installer reporting listeners weren’t there, and other odd things. Finally at dbca db create I hit and error about the listeners that I just couldn’t get past. As a last resort I stopped clusterware and rebooted. Then dbca worked fine. I will never skip that step again, in fact, I’m wondering if I’d just forgotten that is a required step (might have to check the docs).