Phone number format

Argh, sorry, here I go again. Why can’t entering a phone number be simpler? Why can’t programs figure out that 867-5309 is the same as 867.5309? Entering a period is so much easier than shift-_ and really, is it not obvious that 867.5309 is a valid number in the U.S.  Ooooh, but wait, what if it isn’t a U.S. number, maybe something with only 6 digits, what happens then, it would fail. Ooooh, but wait again – even worse, what if I have an area code, I think you pretty much have to have that! Why should I have to type (303) 867-5309 (17 key presses) when I can just save time and typing and enter 303.867.5309 (12 key presses)? It is pretty obvious it is the same thing (and I program, so yes, I know). Checking to make sure it fits a particular “look” just adds extra coding, and irritation.

So, please, web designers, just take a look and see if it is a valid number and don’t make me do extra typing just so it looks the way you expect it to!


One response to “Phone number format

  1. Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head.

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