The Lack Rack home server rack.

I’ve been doing some research lately trying to find a way to have a small rack at home for some DL385s I have. I finally found the perfect solution, and here is a photo if it. The Lack Rack (you can buy it at Ikea for $15-$20).

My Lack Rack

My Lack Rack

Here is a good resource: “the LackRack is the ultimate, low-cost, high shininess solution for your modular datacenter-in-the-living-room”






2 responses to “The Lack Rack home server rack.

  1. Hello.

    J’m on my way to use this hack too but I have a small question. I also need to put in it a DL385, how have you fix your servers (only screws, rails ?) and do they fit correctly on the back side ?

    Thanks a lot.

    • I had two DL385s and a Dell in there,just on top of each other. I used those little round rubber pads you get a Home Improvement store to put space between them. I did not screw them in at all myself, though you could attach them. Due to the weight I did put a metal L beam under the bottom shelf for extra support.

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