CenturyLink’s idea of customer service

I was talking to my mom today regarding her home phone service. She relayed this experience she had with CenturyLink today.

My mom had been having problems for over a month with international calls being blocked from getting to her. Our family is from Australia (though my mom is a U.S. citizen by birth) so she gets lots of calls from there.

She explained the situation and asked them to fix it.

Tech: If you get a bundle this will be fixed.

Mom: I don’t want a bundle, I want international calls to my home unblocked.

Tech: Are you sure you don’t want a bundle.

Mom: No

Tech: Let me put you on hold.

My mom said the “hold” was not music but an explanation of “bundling” and why you should get it.

Automated System: If you elect to take a bundle you will be taken off hold.

Mom: (selected No to getting a bundle)

The Automated System hung up on her.

As you can imagine she was livid. She then got on the internet and searched and searched and discovered *78, and that corrected the problem.

I’ve heard of bad tech support, but this sounds like an intentional ploy by CenturyLink to force you into buying something you don’t want.


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