Statue of Liberty discrimination?

Did you know that access to the Statue of Liberty’s crown prevents many U.S. families from visiting it together as family, even though non U.S. citizens can visit it?

We are planning on taking a trip to New York and found out that you can not book more than four tickets for Crown access per household. I find it very disheartening that they would discriminate against U.S. Citizens in such a way. Their reasoning is that “if the NPS did not have this 4 ticket limit in place, the tickets would not be available at all to most families because they would sell out much faster.”

I find that pretty poor reasoning. Per the median U.S. Family size is 3.14, wow that is as American as apple Pi (yes, pi). So, I guess that is how they determine it, maybe you have to be an “average” U.S. Family to have the privilege of visiting such an important part of our history. It did get me wondering, what if it was a total of five or six people. Wow, that would probably cover a large majority of families in the U.S., but how would it affect visits to the statue. According to about 240 people ascend to the crown per day, so instead of a total of 60 families visiting it in a day, a total of 40 families could if every family had six members. I don’t know, but that doesn’t seem bad, and given the average of 3.14 per family, I imagine it would be higher.

It is sad to see that a U.S. Monument would discriminate in such a way.


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