How to reference a shell variable named by another shell variable

Have you ever had the need to get the value of a shell variable, but the name was all, or partly, determined by another shell variable. That happened to me this week and once you know how to do it it is pretty simple, but it is hard to figure it out.

I’ll try to clarify. I have a shell variable that has been set with a password. To find that variable I have another variable. The second variable is the User Name and is called USER. The first is the password and is called USERPW. (Note: I’m not saying this is the best way to handle passwords, it is what I had to work with.)

In a given situation I’ll need the password for a user that is provided by the variable USER. I thought I could get this in a variety of ways:



To end the story and give you what you came looking for. Here is the solution (in a test script):

->cat deref.ksh
export USERPW=
. /somewhere/ # this script sets environment variables with passwords
echo echo deference
echo ${USER}
echo ${USERPW}
sqlplus -s ${USER}/${USERPW} << eof
show user

Here is the output that shows it worked. The last line is the output from the Oracle database.

echo deference



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