Oracle stuff I thought I’d write about

A better date format in Oracle RMAN (Recovery Manager)

Breaking two myths about rebuilding indexes in the Oracle Database

Can’t connect remotely to ASM as SYSASM remotely

Changing the Oracle database default maintenance window time

Clearing or Masking a column via Oracle Data Pump Export

Configuring HugePages for Oracle Database

Dealing with Oracle timestamp with timezone conversion

Finding the Oracle session based on a UNIX/Linux process

How to find the number of inserts, updates, and deletes on an Oracle table

How to load a SQL*Plus variable with data from a query

[INS-30516] – Please specify unique disk groups.

Just for fun : Create a trace file

Local (non-RMAN) Backups of your pfile, spfile, and control file

Oracle Logon Logoff functionality

My Oracle OPatch Certification question

Oracle NOLOGGING and RMAN backups

Oracle Java heap space error, audit files, gc buffer busy acquire, and load spikes

Oracle “alter user rename” command

Oracle ASM log file is stale

Oracle blocking locks (sessions) query

Oracle Data Pump export a schema minus the data for one table

Oracle Flashback – A quick review

Oracle Golden Gate commands on the wrong node if using RAC HA

Oracle GoldenGate replication latency reporting

Oracle lsnrctl start = Linux Error: 13: Permission denied, lsnrctl status = Linux Error: 111: Connection refused

Oracle OEM performance graph spikes

Oracle Shrink Space, don’t do it just once

Performance implications of the placement of an aggregrate function

What is the correct way to trace a session in Oracle

PRVF-7616 : Node connectivity failed for subnet “%” between “%” and “%”

Re-create user SQL script

A simple Oracle Point-In-Time Recovery

RMAN delete obsolete = ORA-19606: Cannot copy or restore to snapshot control file, RMAN-06214: Datafile Copy, etc…

RMAN Duplication

RMAN Duplication without a connection

RMAN : ORA-06532: Subscript outside of limit

SQL graphing (with some Analytics)

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  1. Great site sir…thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

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