PRVF-7616 : Node connectivity failed for subnet “%” between “%” and “%”

The following is an error I got on my first RAC install. The solutions were simple, but I found it very frustrating figuring out the solution. For one I got a tip from another Oracle user and the second I just got lucky figuring out what was wrong since I was sure I’d checked it. In the second case it is clearly something Oracle could do a better job of reporting, and would be very simple to do. I can’t say for sure without testing each one independently if both caused this, but I did solution #1 first and then solution #2 and it resolved it. So, try these if you’re experiencing the same problem and are sure you have connectivity including ssh.

FYI – In this particular situation it was RedHat 5.3 and Oracle, but I’ve now heard the same stories with 11.2.0.x.0.

Here is the error:

PRVF-7616 : Node connectivity failed for subnet ""
between "flux-rac-node-wcdp-02 - bond0 :"
and "flux-rac-node-wcdp-01 - bond0 :"

Solution #1

Turn off the ssh banner. This is a relatively simple task – as root on each node,

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config  
#Banner /etc/ sshd stop
service sshd start

Solution #2

Make sure you can “ping” each server from each server as the oracle user. As it happens, I had verified “ping” worked from every server to every other server, but as the “root” user – oops. This was a simple fix:

chmod o+rx /bin/ping

Some might not like this option, but it works and is simple, and you’d have to make it in through a lot of security, so I’m guessing ping is the least of the worries.


2 responses to “PRVF-7616 : Node connectivity failed for subnet “%” between “%” and “%”

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  2. I had similar problem while installing oracle grid 12c. There were 2 issues
    1. /tmp had noexec permissions. Our infrastructure software added some security features to eliminate execution from /tmp location. following error will be thrown if you try to do ‘cluvfy stage -post crsinst”

    Framework setup check failed on all the nodes
    Verification cannot proceed

    2. Try doing ssh on each VIPs from each node as oracle user. The connectivity check fails if the SSH key is not saved in known_hosts file.

    grid@node-1:~ $ ssh
    key_read: uudecode 35
    The authenticity of host ‘ (’ can’t be established.
    DSA key fingerprint is 9a:22:5c:c6:3a:5a:8d:7f:f3:75:b5:bb:74:bb:4c:51.
    Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
    Warning: Permanently added ‘’ (DSA) to the list of known hosts.


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